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Our Famous Orionas Club Team.​

The basic benefits that can be gained from your membership.

  • An official Membership ID Card – showing your Membership ID number, your photo and expiration date. You should carry this card with you at all times.

  • Facilitating the association of like-minded individuals who actively participate in similar pursuits to you.

  • The membership provides a genuine reason for use in applying for a Class A and Class B licence applications.

  • Monthly Club Meetings providing opportunities to listen to talks on topics of interest. They also provide the opportunity to network with your peers.

  • Access to like minded people who specialise in assorted disciplines within our sports.

  • Hunter education/training courses covering deer and game R Licence (restricted).

  • Timely updates on events and changes that impact our interests and sport.

  • Opportunities to provide input and critique new regulations covering our areas of interest.

There are many other things that you can gain from involvement with this club, but they are mostly dependent on what you are willing to put in to it.

George Balassis.JPG

George Balassis

0402 062 173

Jim Lianos.JPG

Jim Lianos

0418 404 091

Memberships officer

Maria Bouracovic

0495 700 700


Panayiotis Diamantis

0415 745 537

Events Organizer

Nicole Stamatis

0495 999 999

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