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Orionas – Hunting Shooting & Fishing Club is the right choice for amateur or experienced hunters, shooters or fishermen looking for getting a Class A or B licence and/or a refresher course.


We are based in Sydney easily accessed by using public transport. So, feel free to contact us for a free informational session. Fill out the form and submit it, we will come back to you in a short time.

Under the Firearms Act, which took effect in July 1977, many firearms owners will not Qualify for for a licence as they do not currently have a sufficiency “reason of need” to possess a firearm.   Membership of an approved hunting club and participation in four approved events per year will provide a sufficient  reason.

1 year m/ship 


2 years m/ship


3 years m/ship 


New m/ship

Hunter   $70.00

Fisher    $40.00

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 We provide a number of training courses   according to your needs. 

 Call 0402 062 173 

Latest News

Shooting events 

Due to covid-19 all shooting events have been postponed till further notice

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